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Facility Rental

Our schools and facilities are available to non-profit organizations, businesses and other community groups when not committed to student needs. Additional documentation what is provided here may be required based on the proposed use of a facility.

The following guidelines must be followed for community groups to use Ephrata School District Facilities.  Please complete the following and return to the district office at least 7 days before use request:

1. Review, follow, & enforce the current  Department of Health COVID-19 Safety Regulations:

  • Athletics: Sports & Fitness Guidance during COVID-19 
  • Face coverings are always required unless athletic guidance stipulates otherwise
  • Group Meetings/Activities follow DOH guidance
  • As these guidelines are updated, teams/groups are responsible to stay current and follow them

2. Ephrata School District Facility Use Request Form and be on the District Facility Use Calendar

3. A valid certificate of insurance, naming the Ephrata School District as ‘Additional Insured’

4. Individually signed Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement for each player, coach, and volunteer attending practices/games. NOTE: Practices are open to coaching staff and players ONLY.     

5. Include a Team Roster with name, age, and home address of each participant and coach.

6. Submit your completed form with the rest of the materials to the district office.