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Sexual Health Curriculum

Comprehensive Sexual Health Education Scope & Sequence

Sexual Health Standards for Grades 4-12 from RCW 28A.300.475 1 include:

  1. The physiological, psychological, and sociological developmental processes experienced by an individual
  2. The development of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills to communicate, respectfully and effectively, to reduce health risks and choose healthy behaviors and relationships that are based on mutual respect and affection, and are free from violence, coercion, and intimidation
  3. Health care and prevention resources
  4. The development of meaningful relationships and avoidance of exploitative relationships
  5. Understanding the influences of family, peers, community, and the media throughout life on healthy sexual relationships
  6. Affirmative consent and recognizing and responding safely and effectively when violence, or a risk of violence, is or may be present with strategies that include bystander training 


Information on instruction for each grade level is available below. If you have questions related to your child's learning or the materials for their grade level, please contact your child's school:

Columbia Ridge Elementary: (509) 754-2882
Grant Elementary: (509) 754-4676 
Parkway Intermediate School: (509) 754-9729
Ephrata Middle School: (509) 754-4659
Ephrata High School: (509) 754-5285