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Distribute Materials in Ephrata Schools

The Ephrata School District recognizes that community organizations may want to share opportunities with students that are non-curricular but have social, recreational or educational value. As a result, we permit the distribution of informational materials that meet district standards.

Flyer Guidelines & Prohibitions

In order to be considered, the flyer must:

  • Have social, recreational and/or educational value to students
  • Be screened for the appropriateness of its content
  • Prominently display contact information and other important information, such as date/time, location, details and registration link
  • Be consistent with the District’s goals and policies
  • Contain the statement: "This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by the Ephrata School District.” (This statement will be automatically added to each approved flyer)

The District and/or schools will not distribute materials that:

  • Are obscene, lewd or vulgar
  • Proselytize or disparage any religion
  • Advocate or promote the violation of existing laws, regulations or ordinances, or official school policy rules or regulations
  • Are libelous
  • Contain language that is intimidating, demeaning, harassing or threatening on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital or veteran status, including, but not limited to, racial, sexual or ethnic slurs
  • Promote or oppose any political candidate or ballot proposition
  • Inhibit the functioning of any school or school program