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Financial Services

Our staff are careful stewards of the funds entrusted to Ephrata Schools. We diligently account for every dollar spent and assist our leadership in crafting sound fiscal policy.

The Ephrata School District is part of the Washington State Public School System. The state is responsible for funding the education of the students in our school district. Although there are variances across school districts and grade levels, the state spent an average of $11,500 per student in basic education funding (last calculated in 2019). In addition to basic education funding, school districts can apply for state, federal and local grants: receive targeted funding for specific purposes, such as school improvement; or raise levy funds within their local community. 

Budget Process

The District's budget is approved by the School Board during their July meeting each year. Preliminary budgets are made available to the public prior to the board meeting for review. The Ephrata School Board welcomes public comment at their meetings.

Piggy Bank with upward arrow sits on top of books while dollar signs are inserted.
Allison Razey
Director of Business and Finance
(509) 754-2474

ESSER Spending Plans