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Highly Capable Program

Ephrata School District is committed to meeting the needs of our Highly Capable students.  The Ephrata School District offers a Highly Capable Program which provides K-12 grade students, selected for the program, access to basic education that accelerates learning and enhances instruction. The framework for such program encompasses, but is not be limited to, the following objectives:

  • Expansion of academic attainments and intellectual skills
  • Stimulation of intellectual curiosity, independence, and responsibility
  • Development of a positive attitude toward self and others
  • Development of originality and creativity

Procedures for identification

Students may be referred, based on data or evidence, for the Highly Capable program by teachers, other staff, parents, students and members of the community. Referrals are submitted via a district form and accepted during an annual referral period. In addition, in an effort to prioritize equitable identification of students, all students in grade three are tested for the program. Performance on the Cognitive Abilities Test 7 (CogAT 7) Screening Form, as well as nationally normed achievement tests, are considered by a Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee in determining students who qualify for the Highly Capable Program. 

Process for Appeal

Parents/legal guardians have the right to appeal the Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee’s decision. Individuals appealing the selection committee’s decision must submit a completed appeals form or letter requesting review of selection/placement decision within 10 school days of the Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee’s decision notification. 

Exit Procedures

The exit process may be initiated for students who no longer demonstrate a need for Highly Capable Program services. A request may be made by a teacher or program administrator for Highly Capable student identification and placement discontinuation. A parent/legal guardian may request that the student be withdrawn from the program or a student may voluntarily withdraw from the program.

Program Design

Ephrata School District offers a continuum of services to students in the Highly Capable program. In grades K-6, students receive enrichment opportunities and access to challenging subject matter in groups taught by a highly qualified teacher. In grades 7-12, students have the opportunity for advanced subject placement, to enroll in Honors courses, and in grades 9-12 to enroll in a broad range of academic enrichment classes, including College in the High School courses.