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Staff Transportation Requests

To request use of a district vehicle complete the following steps:

  1. Enter your Leave in Red Rover.
  2. Enter the vehicle request in the NEW Motorpool Request Form.
  3. Complete the Type II paperwork and submit it to the Transportation Office. (This is an annual requirement)

If you plan to drive a district vehicle, please submit the following "Type II" paperwork to the Transportation Department, prior to use of the vehicle. 

Type II paperwork:

Annual Required Paperwork:

  • Abstract of Driving Record Release of Interest (form below)
  • Type II - Medical Statement (form below)
  • A copy of your driver's license

If traveling with children add:

  • Annual Disclosure Statement (form below)
  • A copy of your first aid card

Transportation of 10 or more children requires a bus/driver. Ask your secretary to submit your request via the InfoFinder system.

District vehicles must be refueled by the driver of the vehicle prior to returning to the Transportation Department.

Please check the interior of the vehicle and remove loose items and garbage.

Report any damage or mechanical issues to Transportation at (509) 754-3311. In the case of an accident, contact Adam at (509) 398-0836.

Please report any mechanical issues on the Driver's Defect Report (located in the vehicle clipboard).