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Community Engagement Board

What is the Community Engagement Board?

  • It's a group of community members that meet with students and families to identify barriers to attendance and recommend resources and services for improving attendance.
  • The board acts as a bridge between student success and the community.
  • It provide a supportive space for students with ongoing truancy issues to openly discuss and identify the reasons behind their truancy.
  • The board works in partnership with local community partners, volunteers, district staff and the local juvenile court to intervene with students’ ongoing attendance barriers
  • Boards are highlighted as a key intervention in the truancy process.  According to our State Legislature, the Community Engagement Board is a preferred means of intervention.
The Community Engagement Board are held at the school district administration office.  They typically occur twice a month between the hours of 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.  The CEB are held both virtually and in-person.

The purpose of the Community Engagement Board is to provide an opportunity for the student and parent/guardian to meet with concerned community members and to be introduced to new ideas and resources with the purpose of improving student school engagement. 

Want to Join Our Community Engagement Board?

We are always seeking volunteers for our Community Engagement Board. If you are interested, please contact us or (509) 754-2474!

Ephrata School District
Frank Cardwell
Human Resources Director
(509) 754-2474