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The Ephrata School Board is comprised of five districts. Board members must reside in the district they serve. Redistricting does NOT affect where a student attends school. Redistricting affects School Board Director Districts ONLY, not attendance areas.

Notification that shows map of Ephrata WA and information on redistricting public hearing.

                           Public Hearing Notification

WHAt is Redistricting?

As required by RCW 29A.76.010, every 10 years, school districts must review their board of director districts to ensure equitable geographic representation. The Ephrata School District has five school board directors, three that represent geographic regions, or "districts," and two that serve "at-large," from any of the regions. Redistricting ensures the population is balanced between the three geographic regions or districts.

Redistricting Criteria 

Director districts or must be population balanced. In addition, they must be:

  • Contiguous
  • Compliant with all local, state and federal laws including the Federal Voting Rights Act
  • Neutral and not favor or disfavor a protected class or political party
  • As compact as possible
  • Drawn to preserve communities of mutual interest
  • Drawn to preserve the use of existing natural boundaries
  • Drawn so that they do not split census blocks


Redistricting Maps