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Ephrata School District Recognizes Coaches and Bus Driver

Seven people stand in front of gym bleachers filled with students

On Monday, November 6, Ephrata School District leaders paused to recognize the selfless actions of four EMS volleyball coaches and an Ephrata school bus driver.

Earlier this Fall, an Ephrata School District bus was stopped for construction in East Wenatchee on the way home from a middle school volleyball game. A car approaching the construction scene did not stop and caused a rear-end collision that impacted three additional cars behind the bus. Thankfully our bus was not involved.

EMS coaching staff, Whitney Pearce, Chantel Park, Courtney Bronowski and Brian Forster immediately jumped into action, grabbed emergency kits from the bus and began administering first aid until ambulances arrived. Bus driver Lavona Buchert helped to keep all 50 students safe and calm despite the chaotic scene behind the bus.

"Not only did these individuals act in service to others, but they also provided the students on that bus with an amazing example of what being a good human looks like," said Superintendent, Tim Payne. "I am extremely proud to recognize this group."

The actions of these staff members exemplified the Ephrata School District values of #Service and #Love. We're proud that they're a part of our school and our school district. #TigerPride