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3rd Quarter Principal Message

Principal's Message

It is 3rd Qtr. of the 2022-2023 school year and we have emerged from uncharted and extremely challenging waters to waters we are a bit more used to.  As we now have time to reflect on the difficult journey we have been on, and to truly evaluate the impact this journey has had on us all, it is obvious that now is the right time to tighten things up at EMS.  It is the time to “reinvest” in the pillars of who we are!

We will “reinvest” in…

“It’s ALL about KIDS and LEARNING.  Thus, we will ensure HIGH levels of LEARNING for ALL!”

We will “reinvest” in…

“Being a part of the Ephrata School District, being a part of Ephrata Middle School and being a TIGER is something to be proud of.  We ALL should have our attitude, effort and behavior be an example of this pride and work to make EVERY DAY all it can be.”

We will “reinvest” in…


So what does this “reinvestment” mean?  It means that learning at EMS is again non-negotiable and staff and students will do “WHATEVER IT TAKES” to achieve success!  It means that having, modeling and believing in TIGER PRIDE and the special opportunity we have at EMS is again non-negotiable!  It means that recognizing the challenge before us, being TIGER STRONG and never quitting in our pursuit of success is again non-negotiable!  Beyond this, it means that ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPECT will again be non-negotiable!  It means, although compassion and grace will continue to be embedded in who we are, that there will be NO MORE EXCUSES!

Staff understand and are committed to this “reinvestment”.  Students understand and are in the beginning stages of committing to this “reinvestment”.  For EMS to be all in can be again everyone needs to understand and commit to this “reinvestment”.  This is a WE thing.  This is NOT an US or YOU thing!  It will take all of us!

It is my hope that this message has been and continues to be well received.  Let’s ALL make today amazing, tomorrow even better and do all we can to be a part of this “reinvestment”.

Ken Murray
Ephrata Middle School