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2022 Levy: Spotlight on Transportation & Maintenance Center Upgrades

2022 Levy: Spotlight on Transportation & Maintenance Center Upgrades

Two Ephrata School District levies will be up for voter consideration on the November ballot. If approved, one of the projects funded will be the construction of a storage facility to support Ephrata Schools.

Built in 1953, Ephrata School District’s current Transportation and Maintenance Center originally served as the Future Farmers of America (FFA) and shop classrooms for Ephrata High School. Today, the building is home to two departments that work tirelessly to help make our schools run, Transportation and Maintenance. Some 62 employees work in this facility daily, maintaining district buildings and grounds and keeping bus routes running smoothly and safely.

The Transportation and Maintenance Center is one of the oldest buildings in the Ephrata School District. The building has original, single pane windows and lacks most energy conservation measures found in other buildings in the district.

Approval of the levy will mean new windows, insulation, doors, heating and cooling system upgrades and other energy efficiency measures for the building. Restrooms will also be improved during this remodel. These needed maintenance measures will not only keep the building running effectively now and into the future, but will also create better working conditions for employees working there.

“Last year, we had a pipe freeze inside our bus garage,” said Adam Roduner, Transportation/Maintenance Director. “Upgrading our heating and cooling system is an essential part of this renovation. The money generated by this levy will help us create a better and safer environment for our people to do their work.”

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