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2022 Levy: Spotlight on New School Buses

Four photos of Ephrata School Buses in a grid.

Two Ephrata School District levies are up for voter consideration on the November ballot. If approved, Proposition 2 - Levy to Purchase School Buses - will allow the district to acquire four new, yellow school buses for Ephrata Schools.

Ephrata currently maintains a fleet of 35 school buses, the oldest of which are more than 25 years old. Levy funds will freshen the fleet and retire Ephrata’s oldest two buses, commissioned in the late 1990s. 

“Our fleet is aging,” said Adam Roduner, Transportation & Facilities Director. “Last year we spent nearly $130,000 in parts alone to support maintenance on our buses. Approval of the levy will help begin to update our fleet and ensure routes continue to run safely, efficiently and dependably.”

In addition to replacing aging equipment, new buses will help Ephrata Schools as the City of Ephrata continues to grow and expand. New buses will allow the District to consider adding bus routes within city limits to reduce crowding and lessen the time students spend commuting to and from school. 

Learn more about the November levies.