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2022 Levy: Spotlight Construction of Storage Facility

Images of storage facilities at Ephrata Schools

Two Ephrata School District levies will be up for voter consideration on the November ballot. If approved, one of the projects funded will be the construction of a storage facility to support Ephrata Schools.

All school districts have storage needs, but those undergoing extensive renovations, like Ephrata, have considerably more. Right now, the Ephrata School District has one on-site facility, rents two off-site buildings and leases 10 storage containers which are housed on district property.  

“Prior to the on-going construction at Columbia Ridge Elementary and Ephrata Middle School, storage was tight,” said Adam Roduner, Transportation/Maintenance Director. “Right now, we’re just out of room. If voters approve this levy, we will be able to consolidate storage to become more efficient, prepare for additional construction throughout the school district, and meet the increasing needs of our growing district.”

Ephrata Schools currently spends just over $2,400 per month on storage rental. 

Approval of the levy will help Ephrata Schools build a new storage facility on existing school property. Outside storage rentals will be consolidated into this new facility. Paired with existing storage, this provides capacity not only for future construction projects but for future school district storage needs. 

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Images of storage facilities at Ephrata Schools