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2019 Bond Original Commitments

Improved Safety, Security and Other Facility Needs

Original Bond Flyer Language: In the 2019 Bond, the Ephrata School District divided the long-term needs of the district into two phases. Phase I consists of the items below. Phase II will be reviewed in 2028-2029 when Parkway becomes eligible for state matching funds."

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The Commitment: Increased Safety & Security District-Wide

  • Improve and add lighting
  • Upgrade video systems, add keyless entry & auto locking doors
  • Install fencing to create a safety barrier for students & staff

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The Commitment: New Classrooms

  • Construct eight permanent classrooms to replace portables at Columbia Ridge Elementary. Also addresses long-range planning.

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The Commitment: Three New Multi-purpose Gyms

  • Multi-purpose gyms will be large enough to address current and future enrollment as well as co-curricular needs.
  • Build multi-purpose gyms at Columbia Ridge and Grant Elementary to accommodate PE, music, band and community events.
  • Build multi-purpose gyms at EMS to accommodate a weight room, PE locker rooms, a standard basketball court, bleachers & music.

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The Commitment: Enlarging Cafeterias

  • Remove music stages from Columbia Ridge and Grant Elementary cafeterias.
  • Enlarge and reconfigure cafeterias after relocating the music programs to the new gyms.

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The Commitment: Office Remodels

  • Remodel office spaces at Columbia Ridge and Grant Elementary to allow staff to have a direct line of sight to the front door & the ability to control entry into the buildings

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The Commitment: Performing Arts Center (PAC) and PAC Gym

  • Renovate existing PAC: Increase ceiling height, replace stage and rigging, upgrade to theater seating, add new entryway doors, upgrade sound and lighting along with control panels.
  • Remodel PAC gym area used for band & choir performance: Upgrade sound and lighting, new control panels, new seating and acoustical treatments, while maintaining the ability to house all current PE and athletic events.

Clip art of two people working on the roof of a building

The Commitment: Roofs

  • Replace roofs with a 15-year roofing product to protect our schools' assets.