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2019 Bond Lessons Learned

Our Facilities Reimagining Team asked for some of the biggest "lessons learned" following the construction projects associated with the 2019 bond. These are some of those lessons.

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Expand Bond Leadership Team

Having the Right People in the Room When Planning, Matters

The Ephrata School District's initial team did not include a construction management firm. Inclusion would have provided a more complete construction plan and potentially caused the district to:

  • Construct "new and in lieu*" instead of renovating Columbia Ridge.
  • Pick a progressive construction planning process that would allow the district to be more nimble and react to changing scenarios more easily.
    • Flexibility in construction design to adapt to changing needs
    • More flexible construction information up-front to allow for better financial planning.

*New and in lieu = A new building built instead of remodeling an existing building, consistent with cost / benefit analysis

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Increase Transparency

Provide consistent updates on construction to our families, staff and community. Share progress towards commitments and celebrate success and share challenges in real time.


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Eliminate Construction phasing if appropriate

Breaking a project into distinct phases, where construction activities are carried out sequentially, was extremely difficult for our students, staff and community. We will seek to find a different process where each phase is not dependent on the next.

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What we've completed means we can do more with the next bond

Finding and utilizing state match dollars to make our projects go further means that many items that would have been on the next Ephrata School District bond are already complete. We can accomplish more across the district with this next bond.