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2021 Levy

Thank you Ephrata, 2021 LevY Passes

The Ephrata community passed the 2021 Educational Programs & Operations Levy by more than 65 percent. We are grateful for the support. 

Educational Programs & Operations Levy

The current levy funds the difference between what the state provides and what it actually costs to educate Ephrata students. The levy supports services and costs not funded – or are only partially funded – by the state’s basic education allocation. Examples include:

  • Extra and co-curricular activities such as athletics, music, drama, and clubs

  • School safety including staff and technology at the high schools

  • Well-maintained, clean and welcoming schools, facilities and grounds

  • Student bus transportation services

  • Instructional and support staff including substitute teachers

  • Staff professional development and training

  • Food services, including the making and planning of meals