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COVID-19 Dashboard

With in-person learning and activities taking place in schools, we want everyone in the community to be aware of confirmed COVID-19 exposure among students and staff.

The Ephrata School District COVID-19 Dashboard reports information regarding the confirmed positive COVID-19 cases of staff and students participating in on-campus learning and activities. When an active case is confirmed, it is added simultaneously to both the "past 14 days" column and "cumulative" column on the Ephrata School District’s COVID-19 dashboard. 

WACs (Washington Administrative Code) relating to control of contagious disease:
Grant County Health District, under Public Health authority per WAC 246-100, is legally allowed to share information with school districts that is needed for a disease investigation to mitigate the spread and risk of disease.

WAC 246-110-020 (1) When a school or childcare center becomes aware of the presence of a contagious disease at the facility, as defined in WAC 246-110-010, the officials at the school or childcare center shall notify the appropriate local health officer for guidance.


Person utilizes at at-home COVID test


The Ephrata School District Testing Center is CLOSED.

At-home cOVID TESTING resources

Pam Cleveringa, RN BSN
School Nurse
(509) 754-7232

Ephrata High School
Tiger Cub Preschool

Shellie Hansen, RN BSN
School Nurse
(509) 754-7233

Ephrata Middle School
Parkway Intermediate School

Brandy Hawkins, RN
School Nurse
(509) 754-7267

Columbia Ridge Elementary
Grant Elementary