Plickers - A low cost student response system

I want a student response system, but I can’t afford one! And I don’t want to keep track of all the clickers!


Check out It’s free.

What is a Plicker?

A Plicker is a Paper Clicker, a special 2D barcode with a number assigned. You can print them out yourself for free.

How does this work?

Each student is given a Plicker. When you ask the students for an answer, have them show the plicker with their desired answer (A, B, C or D) pointing up. Then your compatible device will see the answers and tally them for you. Not bad for free!


What do I need to use Plickers?

You need an account from (It’s free.) You will then need to download and print out some Plickers for your students. You will also need a compatible iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android device to run the app. (The App is free.)

Can I track my students by Class?

Currently, the website will allow you setup a classroom of up to 40 students. You assign a plicker number to each student. The questions you ask are tracked and stored online for future review. You may setup as many classroom as you like for free.

How could these be used? Should I take tests with them?

The primary purpose of any student response system is to get instant feedback from your students. Sometimes it is useful to know who is understanding a concept. Other times, it’s more of an opinion poll. While some clickers are designed for in-depth testing, these are much more targeted at the short answer solution. Did we mention it’s free?

Where can I go to get started?

Signup: - Get your Apple or Android app - Download the Small or Large Plickers.

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