Focus and Goals




The 2016-19” District Focus” is aligned to make ongoing improvements in student achievement using the Four “Pillars,” “District School Improvement Systems,” “Teacher Support Systems,” Professional Development, ongoing leadership and teamwork, safe and secure schools, communication, and by providing for the continued financial stability of the District.

2016-19 DISTRICT “SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT SYSTEMS” (formerly District Initiatives are on website):

1. Washington State Learning Standards (formerly Common Core State Standards or CCSS)

2. Teacher Principal Evaluation Program (TPEP) and State 8 Evaluation Criteria (TPEP)

3. Marzano Instruction Framework

4. Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA)

5. Webbs Depth of Knowledge (DOK)

6. Student Growth Initiative (SG)

7. Multiple Sources of Data

8. Reflective Learning Walks (RLW) and Administrator Walk Throughs (AWT)

9. Response to Intervention (RTI) and Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) or CLEAR.

(1) Enhance CURRICULUM - PLC Question #1:  What should students know and be able to do?

· Continue alignment to Washington State Learning Standards Alignment in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, NEXT GEN Science (NGSS), History and Technical subjects.

· Continue Math Leadership Alliance (MLA) for K-2, 3-5, 6-8.

· Continue Textbook Replacement in Grades 7-8 for Social Studies, EHS U.S. History, and review K-12 English Language Arts.

(2) Improve INSTRUCTION – PLC Question #2:  What strategies should be used to ensure all students learn?

§ Increase Teacher Reflective Learning Walks and Administrative Walk Throughs using Marzano Learning Maps

§ Continue to train and provide professional development in GLAD, SBAC, Instructional Strategies, aligning DOK to item specs, Marzano, TPEP/State 8 Evaluation Criteria and Student Growth processes and procedures.

§ Increase work on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) at each building.

§ Grades K-6 principals/teachers are encouraged to visit high achieving schools with like populations (scatter plot).

§ Grades K-12 teachers/principals are encouraged to set high goals for student achievement in reading, writing, math, and science.

§ Increase achievement among ELL students in grades K-12. 

§ Apply for ECEAP pre-school grant funding to serve unserved pre-school students, if available.

(3) Enhance USE OF ASSESSMENT DATA – PLC Question #3:  How will we know when students have learned?

· Use District Systems and “Multiple Sources of Data” (including student growth) to improve instruction and student achievement.

· Monitor student growth: share Instructional Strategies, student growth percentiles, and increase use of STAR Testing, SBA Interim Tests and aligning Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) to item specs.

· Create and analyze common classroom assessment results during PLC’s to determine (RTI) student interventions.

(4) Enhance INTERVENTIONS – PLC Q#4: How will we respond when students don’t learn?  How will we respond when students do learn?

· Coordinate PLC Time to identify student interventions aimed at increasing student achievement.

· Continue student “Pyramid of Interventions; “Intervention Programs” before, noon, and after school; I-XL Math, Success Maker Math, and Odyssey Reading.

· Use common assessment results and during PLC’s to create RTI student interventions.

· Continue COE classes (if funded) in Math, Reading, and Science (if state funded); GEARUP-sponsored tutors, SAT Preparation Courses, P-SAT Testing, and EHS Credit Retrieval.

· Better establish systems for RTI and PBIS or CLEAR.

· All buildings will focus on reducing “Chronic Absenteeism.”

(5) Expand SUPPORT SYSTEMS – Use Professional Learning Communities, professional development and prioritize the budget.

· Continue AVID Classes Aimed Toward “College and Career Readiness;” College in the High School Courses; Running Start; and Columbia Basin Skills Center, and expand local equivalency credits to promote student opportunities and student pathways.  

· Align District Improvement, School Improvement Plans (SIP) and Board Goals to the 2016-19 District Focus.

· Provide Professional Development for new Learning Standards, Marzano Instructional Framework, State 8 Evaluation Criteria, GLAD, Math, AVID, Student Growth, SBA, Webbs Depth of Knowledge (DOK), and Response to Intervention (RTI).

· Cooperatively create agendas for three Professional Development (PD) days and two District Initiative (DI) Days.

· Complete curriculum unpacking and repacking of Washington State Learning Standards, SBA, SBA interim assessments, and Depth of Knowledge (DOK).

· Post TPEP Comprehensive/Focused Evaluation Protocols, Forms, Processes, and Student Growth on district website.

(6) Modify District Safety Flip Chart and update “District Crisis Response Plan” flowcharts, protocols, and procedures to maintain SAFE AND SECURE SCHOOLS for students, staff, and community.

(7) Continue TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT for students and staff and MAINTENANCE and CAPITAL PROJECTS needs of the District.

(8) Work with Board and Community to complete the District Facilities Study and Survey and:

· Consider new elementary building K-2 and 3-4 configuration, EMS Sports, common spaces at Grant, Columbia Ridge, Parkway, and Ephrata Middle School, and research SHHS.

(9) Continue to improve COMMUNICATION among staff, buildings, families, and the community.

· District Website TPEP Website Meetings/Presentations   School Messenger (permission for cell phones)

(10) Continue to provide LEADERSHIP AND TEAMWORK, and planning to maintain FINANCIAL HEALTH of Ephrata School District.

Ephrata School District aims toward “continuous improvement” in instruction and student achievement in all subject areas with emphasis on students meeting state standards and graduation requirements.  The District and School Improvement Plans, action steps, and strategies focus on continuous growth using District Systems, teamwork, and professional development all of which can be seen in the “District Pillars Professional Development Plan.”

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