• Ephrata School District’s mission is to prepare All Students for the living, learning, and working requirements of the 21st century. In pursuit of this mission, Ephrata School District will:
    • Create a safe learning environment characterized by trust and respect,
    • Provide optimal learning opportunities and high expectations for all students,
    • Help each student develop to their potential, academically and personally,
    • Strive to develop students who can think, create, and effectively adapt to change, and
    • Promote responsible citizenship in a democratic society


  • Ephrata School District’s vision for a “bright future” is to provide high performing, quality schools which are committed to lifelong learning. The schools we envision are characterized by:
    • Enthusiastic, motivated, and high performing students,
    • A competent and caring staff,
    • Involved and supportive staff; and
    • A continuing quest for improvement